Welcome New Student!

Your first class is an experience that begins an exhilarating journey to improving your health, getting to know better your Self and your body, learning to unite your body, mind and spirit, thus, helping to transform your life in anyway you choose.

The classes last 90 or 75 minutes and in that time your instructor delivers the dialogue (instructions) without demonstrating the poses. The practice requires that you listen carefully and try to match the words to what your body can do. This way, you learn to listen to your body and understand your strengths and diagnose areas to heal.

The room is heated to help your body open up and detoxify. Seeing your body in the mirror fully serves to sharpen your mind's focus and concentration as you make adjustments to your poses for correct form, and also to build a strong relationship with your body. You will learn to love, respect and understand your body.

You might find your first class busy. This is a great opportunity to experience and share the energy generated by fellow students. Your neighbors will help you get through class, inspire you, and maybe become your friends. Be kind and patient, because the more patient you can be with people here, the more patient you will be with them out there in the world.

You may feel dizzy, weak or even nauseous. That is perfectly normal. Sit down or lie down, focus on you breathing until you feel ready to rejoin. Let the instructor's voice lift you up, encourage and guide you. Feel the care s/he has for you and your practice.

In time, you will learn that in your class every body is beautiful and every body is special. This is reflected in the "shedding" of excess bulky clothes and instead wearing short shorts and "small" clothes that stay out of the way, so we can focus more on our practice than adjusting uncomfortable layers.

Classes are silent. This is so you can listen. You listen to instructions to do the postures safely. You also listen to yourself. You learn to listen to your breath, your heart, and your true thoughts. This is an important opportunity to become aware of your body's communication. Enjoy it! Outside of class let your voice be heard in the changing rooms and lobby. Let your voice make you part of our Bikram Yoga community!

You are encouraged to work hard in your poses to open your body. In between poses remaining still allow your cells to recover and the process of healing to begin. By staying still, you give your body the chance to heal and your mind to become free of random thoughts. Thus, you maximize the vast benefits of this practice.

Be open to corrections. Corrections guide you to do the poses to your best ability without compromising form and your safety, while gaining maximum benefits. Let your instructor know (before class) of any aches or injuries that you might be working with. Knowing this allows the instructor to help you even more. And the best way to help you, is to teach you how to do the postures to the best of your ability. If today you simply imagine your posture a different way because of a correction, then you are on your way to an improved practice, body and life.

It's okay to feel emotional. This is a safe place, we've all been there. Remember this is a place of healing and sometimes your body hangs on to your emotions even when the mind has released them.

String your first classes together as close as possible. You can practice everyday, unlike other types of exercise, it is safe to come back everyday. The more you practice the bigger the benefits. Remember the worst class is the one you don't come to.

This practice can change your life, enjoy the journey and remember our staff are here to help you.

FAQ & Etiquette:

Arrive at least 15 minutes early.
Bring a mat, towel and water (we sell/rent these items for a nominal fee).
Practice on an empty stomach, drink water and hydrate well before class, and avoid caffeine before class.

Is this yoga suitable for beginners?
Yes. Just bring along your listening skills and an open mind. This is a challenging practice for everyone, beginners and advanced students. We are all focused on working to our own personal best. As a beginner you are not expected to be able to do all the postures perfectly, listen and give it your best effort... whatever level that might be. You may only retain a small portion of everything you are taught in class. No worries, each time you practice you will gain more knowledge and more confidence.

How often should I practice?
Unlike regular exercise, Hot Yoga can be practiced everyday, since it is healing and therapeutic to the body. The more often you practice, the better you will feel and the faster you will experience the results you want! A good rule of thumb for beginners is to practice as much as possible your first month or two.

Yoga etiquette
Bring a big towel, mat and water into the yoga room.
Leave all cell phones and belongings in the changing rooms.
Try not to leave the room during practice. If you need to rest, sit down or lie down and drink some water.
Refrain from conversation during practice.
Avoid applying body fragrances (e.g. perfume/cologne) immediately before the practice.
Try to do each posture with the class or stand, or sit down/lie down until you are able to rejoin.
Come with an open mind and heart, and be ready to work hard and enjoy your practice.